Gallery Gap
Interactive data visualization on the representation of men and women in private art galleries around the world. Built using D3.js.
PLATFORM | Custom Political Comparisons
Platform is a political comparisons App allowing users to see their political views compared to politicians & celebrities. Free to download and use, celebrity add-on packages, such as Beyonce and Dave Chappelle, cost extra.
Nonprofit Identity Design
Well is a proposed nonprofit dedicated to aiding the global water shortage through the use of the Slingshot Machine.
Sealed for Your Protection
A book design on the "glitchy" side effects of prescription medications... specifically the ones I, myself have been prescribed. Sealed for your protection was an exploration in both pharmaceutical design, especially its use of stock photography.
Parsons for Peter Coffin
Book design proposal to showcase the work of artist Peter Coffin. Meetings and discussions with the artist informed the design.
Scripting Photoshop
These are photos of garbage found on the streets in Brooklyn manipulated randomly by javascript for photoshop. Opacity, Gaussian blur, rotation, position, and size are all randomly manipulated.
AS/COA Institutional Campaign
We know Latin America, a campaign used throughout the institution with all variations published across multiple forums such as Financial Times newspaper, magazine, and website.
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